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First off, got my very first comment from Kade (founder of redalertsocialmedia.com)! How awesome is that!!

As I had mentioned in the previous post, I was going to write another post about Aimee Woodall, one of the many speakers at PR Day in Houston.

Aimee’s presentation that day was not only hilarious but it definitely caught the attention of the young professionals and college students in the room. I’m sure all the older, more structured professionals were caught a little off guard with everything because her presentation was a bit “out there” for them. I’m definitely sure they were shocked at her use of streaking as an analogy for public relations and the usage of the words “balls” and “getting naked” throughout her presentation. I, however, found it inspiring!

It’s the “SHOCK” and “AWE” factor this agency has that intrigues me.


Check them out:

The Black Sheep Agency


I’m going to apply for her spring semester internship, wish me luck!