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BOO! It’s Halloween!!

Today, a few members of the PRSSA Texas A&M University chapter and I took a road trip to visit our sponsor chapter, PRSA Houston.

PRSA Houston hosted an event called PR Day where companies from all over came to share information about their company and look for potential clients. There were also speakers from various public relations companies/agencies/firms and individuals who deal with social media, print and other communication related jobs.

It was a great experience. The day started off with a luncheon where they had a guest speaker. Not sure who he was but he had a clever Willy Wonka themed powerpoint presentation (I was enjoying my lunch way too much… didn’t have breakfast). There were ten of us who went and the luncheon tables only sat eight so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and sit at a different table, thankfully Jason tagged along to join me.

We actually did a little mingling and met with a guy who works at United Way where the event was being held. Coincidentally, he was a Texas A&M University Alumn. There was also another guy, Ari, who worked at this company called CISION. It was pretty cool to hear what they do. Basically the company is like a giant archive of content from different media sources that you can call hire to find content on a specific topic. For example, let’s say you work for Pepsi… well they can look up anything from newspapers to tv footage to social media on anything that mentions Pepsi. Cool, right? The other guy wasn’t that interesting cause he was on his cell phone majority of the time.

After lunch were the breakout sessions with various speakers. Our first session we chose to listen to Kade Dworkin, the founder of Red Alert Social Media, a social media agency that deals with communication crisis. It was crazy to hear the work he does and how much of a time commitment it is to work in communication crisis. Aimee Woodall was our second speaker. She’s the founder of The Black Sheep, a small PR agency. She basically compared PR to streaking, which was pretty funny. I’ll be writing another post just about her but to continue the rest of the day… there was a short drawing for door prizes, we engaged with others, learned something new and networked our butts off.

iPhoto taken by: Angela Lin

Thanks and Gig’em!