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Today, a few ACT members were invited to join Dr. Holub’s Animal Science class in attending a dinner where we learned proper etiquette techniques.

The speaker of this event, Dr. Susan Quiring  explains how these techniques will help us be successful in business. “Good manners are good business,” said Quiring. She continues to tell us how some companies may use a dinner setting to see how potential employees and new hires act in a social environment.

The skills we learned can be applied to both our personal and professional life.

Fun Fact: When asked to pass the salt.. you must pass the pepper with it, it’s like they’re married and can’t be separated!


Following the etiquette dinner was our ACT meeting where officer elections were held.

You are now looking at the editor of ACT! 🙂

Also, congrats to:

  • Megan Hass- President
  • Lesli Garrett- Vice President
  • Macy McCasland- Secretary
  • Jackie Hill- Treasurer

Let’s keep ACT going!!!